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Pitcher made of milk, pink and orange glass - Novy Svet, Harrachov

Džbánek z mléčného, růžového a oranžového skla - Nový Svět, Harrachov (1).JPG

Opal, clear, light pink and orange glass. Glassworks Novy Svet, Harrachov, Bohemia 1880 - 1900. Jug of graduated shape with a ring, round base, arched middle part, narrowed upper part. Decorated with vertical, horizontal, arch-shaped bands in different colours. Fan-shaped folded upper rim with funnel. Clear thickly shaped handle. Height 22 cm.

  • Author: Novy Svet, Harrachov
  • Measure: height 22 cm
  • Material: opal, clear, light pink and orange glass
  • Description: Bohemia 1880 - 1900
  • Price: 1.900 CZK
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