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Wooden chandeliers late Biedermeier

Lustr dřevěný druhorokokový 1 (1).JPG

Gilded wood carving. Eight candle branches. Second Rococo style. Candlestick with top lighting. Ceiling rosette associated with three chain links with central body of the chandelier. The body is built with the mesentery, sheets, pins, rings and bottom  rosette bowls with which protrude bent upwardly scrolled branches of stylized roccaille candles. Dole chandelier finished with stylized flowers with prominent pistil. Central Europe from 1850 to 1870. Height 130 cm, width 76 cm.

  • Measure: eight candle branches, height 130 cm, width 76 cm
  • Material: wood , metal
  • Description: 1850 - 1870
  • Price: 19.900 CZK
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