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Little girl in nightgown and pillow - Royal Dux

Holčička v noční košilce s polštářem - Royal Dux (1).JPG

Colourful hand painted ceramics with creamy white glaze. Statuette of a little girl sitting in a pink nightgown with green bows in her hair. Covered with a blue striped blanket or pillow. Oval base. Marked from bellow : Royal Dux in red, impressed numbers and letters. Royal Dux, Duchcov, Czechoslovakia 1938 - 1945. Height 12 cm, width 9 cm.

  • Author: Royal Dux
  • Signed: marked from bottom
  • Measure: height 12 cm, width 9 cm
  • Material: colored ceramic
  • Description: Bohemia 1938 - 1945
  • Price: 2.400 CZK
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