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Inlaid chest of drawers in the yew veneer- Classicism

Intarzovaná komoda v tisové dýze - Klasicismus (1).JPG

Yew veneer, inlay, brass. Upper profile plate, rectangular, with rounded strip. Decorated with two arrays, bounded by line intarsia, with a veneer. Three drawers. The drawers' heads are decorated with fired intarsia, with the motifs of the wreaths in the bright veneer. The three fields bounded by line intarsia, parallel to each other, on each drawer. Brass oval handles and locks, with embossed figurative theme. Hips decorated with one large field, with a veneer. Framed line intarsia and dark squares. Bottom strip black. Legs prismatic. Central Europe, Classicism, 1770 - 1800. Height 91 cm, width 128 cm, depth 65 cm.

  • Measure: height 91 cm, width 128 cm, depth 65 cm
  • Material: yew veneer, inlay, brass
  • Description: Central Europe 1770 - 1800
  • Price: 39.500 CZK
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