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Gilded silver brooch with three rhinestones

Zlacená stříbrná brož s třemi kamínky (1).JPG

Gilded silver, cut glass stones. Total weight 4.85 grams. Rectangular in shape, with arched side edges. Decorated ( on the front ) at the edge with an engraved line. Embossed symmetrical arched ornament on the front, in a combination of polished silver and gilded silver, with a shamrock ornament. In the middle, three cut glass stones in crowns. Arched handle with a needle. Marked: Prague Austro-Hungarian hallmark for foreign goods ( letters AV, letter C. ) . Central Europe 1868 - 1890. Length 5 cm.

  • Signed: hallmarked
  • Measure: length 5 cm
  • Material: gilded silver, glass
  • Description: Central Europe 1868 - 1890
  • Price: 2.800 CZK
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