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Figural pair of boy and girl on a pedestal

Figurální p

Painted porcelain, gilt, white. Standing figure of a boy leaning against one foot on the trunk with a hole on the pen, holding flowers in her arms. Standing girl in a dress with petticoat and two scarves, his head turned slightly to the left, holding a flower in his hand, behind hollow trunk pen. Both statues standing on a separate high pedestal in the Rococo style, pierced and gilded. Unsigned. Central Europe 1840 - 1880. Height 18 cm, width 7.5 cm.

  • Measure: height 18 cm, width 7.5 cm
  • Material: painted porcelain, gilt, glazed
  • Description: 1840 - 1880
  • Price: 7.900 CZK
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