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Faience vase with lid - Delft

Váza s víčkem fajánsová -Delft (1).JPG

Glazed and painted faience. Decorated with painted flowers. Ahead of embossed cartouche framing the sides and rear smaller floral decoration. Squared octagonal pedestal. The body of the vase bottom tapered middle heart-shaped with a narrow throat. Squared removable domed lid, top with a handle in the shape of a stylized figure of a lion. Lid with handle glued. Signed from the bottom - Delft workshop By porcelain bottles, Netherlands, last century. Height 41.5 cm, width 19 cm.

  • Measure: height 41.5 cm, width 19 cm
  • Material: faience
  • Price: 4.900 CZK
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