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Cut glass jug, with silver handle

Džbán z broušeného skla, se stříbrným úchytem (1).JPG

Glass colorless and cut, silver. Glass bottom part in the shape of a mug, a neck graduated with rings. Decorated in the bottom with a traditional cut-out motif, a narrow neck with cut lenses. Funnel, hem and neck handle, made of silver. Fineness Ag 916 / 1000. Net weight 300 grams. Total weight 1.494.90 grams. Arched vertical handle, stem-shaped with flowers, embossed. Funnel with hinged lid, a top handle. Marked on the silver neck of the throat. Europe last century. Certificate of Assay Office. Height 24 cm, width 19 cm.

  • Signed: hallmarked
  • Measure: height 24 cm, width 19 cm
  • Material: glass colorless and cut, silver
  • Description: last century
  • Price: 11.500 CZK
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