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Cut glass carafe with silver neck

Broušená skleněná karafa se stříbrným hrdlem (1).JPG

Colorless cut glass, polished silver. Fineness Ag 800/1000. Total weight 928.70 grams. Spherical carafe, with a narrow high neck. Decorated with a cut wedge ornament, a vertical facet at the top, a star at the bottom. At the top of the neck, silver cover, with a round flat edge. Marked: German hallmark ( crescent and crown ) , fineness 800, letters K. V.. Cut stopper in the shape of a pine cone or lotus flower. Germany, the last century. Height 22 cm, height with stopper 27 cm. Certificate of the Assay Office.

  • Author: Certificate of the Assay Office
  • Signed: hallmarked
  • Measure: height 27 cm
  • Material: colorless cut glass, silver
  • Description: Germany, last century
  • Price: 7.000 CZK
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