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Cup and saucer with miniature of ballerina Fanny Cerrito - Slavkov, Schlaggenwald

Šálek s miniaturou baletky Fanny Cerrito - Slavkov (1).JPG

White, painted, gilded porcelain. Empire style. Hand painted miniature of the famous ballerina Fanny Cerrito in the ballet Alma from 1842. Francesca " Fanny " Cerrito ( 1817 - 1909 ) : famous Italian ballerina and dancer. Hand-painted figure of the ballerina framed by a gold cartouche on a purple background. Marked bellow : handwritten in black - Fanny Ceritto, Alma, Haas & Czjzek, Hand painted, monogram of the painter L. K. , letter S and crown. Custom handmade by the Slavkov porcelain factory. Czechoslovakia at the end of the last century. Height of cup 10,5 cm, diameter of saucer 16 cm.

  • Author: Slavkov, Schlaggenwald
  • Signed: marked from bottom
  • Measure: cup height 10,5 cm, saucer diameter 16 cm
  • Material: white, painted and gilded porcelain
  • Description: Československo 1990 - 2010
  • Price: 7.800 CZK
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