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Chest of drawers in cherry veneer with fine inlay

Komoda v třešňové dýze s jemnou intarzií - Klasicismus (1).JPG

Cherry veneer, inlays, various types of veneer. Top plate with rounded profile ledge. Decorated rectangular field, bounded regular inlays. On the edge of the line is a folded intarsion, in the corners with inlaid winders. Inside line and ornamental intarsia, in the middle of the diamond. On the front three drawers. The drawer heads are decorated with line stacked inlay. In the corners with inlaid winders, at the bottom in the middle of the inlaid ornament of the pearl. The sides with identical inlays, veneers inside the folded into the shape of a rhombus. Fine relief carving with a motif of coins at the edges. The lower frame on the front side is profiled. Pyramid-shaped legs with feet. Decorated with marquetry. Classicism. Central Europe 1770 - 1800. Height 96 cm, width 127 cm, depth 64 cm.

  • Measure: height 96 cm, width 127 cm, depth 64 cm
  • Material: cherry veneer, inlay
  • Description: Central Europe 1770 - 1800
  • Price: 64.000 CZK
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