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Chandelier in white metal and thin arms

Lustr z bílého kovu a tenkými rameny (1).JPG

Chrome, nickel, base metal. Candle. At the bottom of the sphere. Body of broad flat funnel shaped. Lower handle in the shape of an acorn. Six thin, sash-shaped arms, at the end with bowls. Candle holders in the shape of a cup. Candles of hardened cardboard. Long narrow vertical bar. At the top, the funnel-shaped ceiling cover. Polished. Central Europe 1930 - 1940. Height 116 cm, width 65 cm.

  • Measure: height 116 cm, width 65 cm
  • Material: polished chrome, nickel, base metal
  • Description: Central Europe 1930 - 1940
  • Price: 6.000 CZK
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