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Ceramic statuette Borzoi - Goldscheider

Keramická soška Barzoje - Goldscheider (1).JPG

Glazed, painted ceramics. Statue of a walking dog, with head straight forward. Oval high pedestal. Signed illegibly, on behalf of the author of the original on the pedestal. Marked from the bottom - Walter and Marcell Goldscheider, Wiener Manufaktur. Design by Walmore Gemignani. Vienna 1917 - 1922. Height 20 cm, width 36.5 cm.

  • Author: Goldscheider, Walmore Gemignani
  • Signed: marked from the below
  • Measure: height 20 cm, width 36,5 cm
  • Material: painted and glazed ceramic
  • Description: Vienna 1917 - 1922
  • Price: 4.900 CZK
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