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Carafe with embossed pink flowers

Karafa s reliéfními růžovými kvítky (1).JPG

White, hand-painted, coloured and gilded porcelain. In romantic style. Carafe in the lower part of spherical shape, in the upper part of narrow cylindrical neck with rings. Body of decanter and round stopper decorated with embossed small flowers, pink and purple centre. The neck decorated with gold rings and ornament, hand-painted coloured wreath. Unmarked. Flowers damaged in places. Bottom part of the stopper restored. Europe 1850 - 1890. Height 20 cm.

  • Signed: unmarked
  • Measure: height 20 cm
  • Material: white, painted, coloured and gilded porcelain
  • Description: Europe 1850 - 1890
  • Price: 2.900 CZK
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