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Burgher's chest with inlaid doves and stars

Měšťanská truhla s intarzovanými holubičkami a hvězdami (1).JPG

Solid wood oak, inlay, metal. Top plate, with rounded bar. Front top and top, decorated with inlaid motifs of bird (pigeon) with fruits, stems, flowers, pot, ornaments. Motif framed by inlaid wrapped tape. Two inlaid fields next to each other, an inlaid star in the middle. Side and bottom of the chest separated by a strip, with inlaid frames. Profiled bottom bar. Round flat feet. Original tinned side handles, labels, lid hinges, lock latch, flat metal lock. Inside side compartment with hinged lid. Bohemia 1800 - 1840. Height 72 cm, width 112 cm, depth 66 cm.

  • Measure: height 72 cm, width 112 cm, depth 66 cm
  • Material: oak massive, inlay, metal
  • Description: Bohemia 1800 - 1840
  • Price: 23.500 CZK
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