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A pair of ducklings - Emilie Schleiss, Wiener a Gmundner Keramik

Pár káčátek - Emilie Schleiss, Wiener a Gmundner Keramik (1).JPG

Painted and glazed ceramics. Author of the model Emilie Schleiss-Simandl, for Gmundner Keramik and Wiener Keramik. Sitting and standing ducklings on an oval, low, green pedestal. Marked from below - model number 1024, pressed K. G. in a square. Wiener Keramik together with Gmundner Keramik. Austria around 1912. Height 10 cm, width 10 cm.

  • Author: Emilie Schleiss-Simandl
  • Signed: marked from the bottom
  • Measure: height 10 cm, width 10 cm
  • Material: painted and glazed ceramic
  • Description: Austria around 1912
  • Price: 8.900 CZK
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