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Wooden Sculpture, Pieta - Residues of Polychrome

Dřevěné sousoší, Pieta - setřelá polychromie (1).JPG

Wood, carving, polychrome. Statue of the enthroned Virgin Mary with the dead body of Christ lying in her lap. With his right hand he supports the son (Christ's) head. The left hand is folded on the chest, in the gesture of humility. Dressed in blue cloak, red underwear. Residues of polychrome. Rear part partly polychrome, carved. Bohemia 1820 - 1880. Height 40 cm, width 23 cm. Certificate of export and sale of the National Heritage Institute.

  • Author: Certificate for the export and sale of the Nationa
  • Measure: height 40 cm, width 23 cm
  • Material: wood, polychromy, carving
  • Description: Bohemia 1820 - 1880
  • Price: 17.400 CZK
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