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Two small faience jugs with roses

Dvě malé fajánsové konvičky, s růžemi (1).JPG

Painted Faience. A couple of small jugs. The rounded foot is decorated with a lower ornamental line with a wavy wave. Flask-shaped jugs, embossed with vertical ribbing. Decorated with painted roses, leaves, tendrils in height-heat colors. Elevated narrow funnel. Arched vertical handle. Decorated with geometric motif of wavy lines and circles. Square top edge with color line (manganese red). Unmarked, Holitsch? . Central Europe The first half of the 19th century. Height 10.5 cm, width 9 cm.

  • Measure: height 10,5 cm, width 9 cm
  • Material: painted faience
  • Description: Central Europe 1800 - 1840
  • Price: 2.500 CZK
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