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Two silver forks with Imperial eagles

Dvě stříbrné vidličky s říšskými orlicemi (1).JPG

Massive polished silver. Fineness Ag 800 / 1000. Net weight 119.45 grams. Historizing style. Upper part - fork - decorated in the bottom with embossed ornament on the front. At the back of the embossed ornament of the seashell. Handles at the bottom, lyre shaped. Decorated embossed shells on the front. On the back of the engraved Reich Eagle. On a fork, the Imperial eagle from the period of the German Empire (1888 - 1918). On the other Imperial eagle (the emblem of Brandenburg?). Germany. Length 18 cm. Certificate of Assay Office.

  • Author: certificate of Assay Office
  • Signed: hallmarked
  • Measure: length 18 cm
  • Material: polished and engraved silver
  • Description: Germany
  • Price: 4.500 CZK
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