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Tankard with motif from opera The Bartered Bride

Korbel s motivem z opery Prodaná nevěsta (1).JPG

Glass clear, cut paint, tin. Cylindrical shape, with a thick-walled base. Vertical cut facet. On the front of the central painted colored figurative motif of woman and girl in natural scenery. In the bottom white sign - Think, Marenko, painted by enamel paints. Folding lid made of tin circle and with a handle. Top engraved name - A. Malsa. At the bottom, from behind, arched massive handle. Calibrated. Bohemia 1870 - 1900. Height 18 cm, width 13 cm.

  • Measure: height 18 cm, width 13 cm
  • Material: glass, painted, tin
  • Description: Bohemia 1870 - 1900
  • Price: 2.400 CZK
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