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Stork with basket and newborns, with a man in a hat

Čáp s košíkem a novorozenci, s mužem s kloboukem (1).JPG

White and painted porcelain. A sculpture of a white stork carrying on its back, two baskets with a pair of born babies in a wrapper. In front, a standing man in a blue coat, black boots and a hat in his hand, at his side with a French horn. Holding, over his head, a stork by the beak and a white rope. Engraved numbers from below. Oval white pedestal, with stylized post ( trunk ) . Central Europe ( Bohemia ? ) 1840 - 1880. Height 7 cm, width 6 cm.

  • Measure: height 7 cm, width 6 cm
  • Material: white and painted porcelain
  • Description: Central Europe 1840 - 1880
  • Price: 1.450 CZK
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