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Square bowl, colorless and pink glass

Čtvercová mísa, bezbarvé a růžové sklo (1).JPG

Pink (ruby) and crystal glass, blown shaped. At the bottom, in the middle, a clear massive base with a foot in the shape of four connected rods, seamlessly merging in the shape of ribs into a bowl. Upper wide-open square bowl, overlaid with pink (ruby) glass. The upper edge is rounded. Arched corners. Josef Hospodka ? , Chribska glassworks. Czechoslovakia 3/3 of the last century. Height 9 cm, width 22.5 cm.

  • Author: Josef Hospodka ?
  • Measure: height 9 cm, width 22,5 cm
  • Material: ruby and colorless glass
  • Description: Czechoslovakia 1965 - 1990
  • Price: 500 CZK
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