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Six Biedermeier silver spoons - Prague, 1857

Šest biedermeierových stříbrných lžic - Praha, rok 1857 (1).JPG

Polished solid silver. Fineness Ag 812.5 / 1000. Net weight 413 grams. Spoonful of oval, elongated shape. The handle at the top is tapered, arched, with a ring. The lower part is ovally enlarged, slightly arched at the end. With middle embossing line (ribbed). Marked on handle by the Prague lot hallmark from 1857, the makers mark J. N.. Bohemia, Prague, year 1857. Length 21,5 cm.

  • Author: silversmith J. N.
  • Signed: hallmarked
  • Measure: length 21,5 cm
  • Material: polished silver
  • Description: Prague 1857
  • Price: 5.400 CZK
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