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Silvered table piece, without bowls - Biedermeier

Postříbřený nástolec, bez mísy - Biedermeier (1).JPG

Polished, silver-plated base metal. Without a glass bowl. Relief shaped base standing on four legs in the shape of volutes twisted. Decorated with relief reliefs of acanthus, gryph heads, ornamentation. The middle part is annular. There is no glass bowl in the middle. At the top, a narrow, screw-on, flower - flower vase. Embossed and decorated neo-Renaissance theme. Central Europe 1840 - 1860. Height 30.5 cm, width 13.5 cm.

  • Author: Biedermeier
  • Measure: height 30,5 cm, width 13,5 cm
  • Material: silver plated metal
  • Description: Central Europe 1840 - 1860
  • Price: 2.500 CZK
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