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Silver cutlery for twelve people

Stříbrné příbory pro dvanáct osob (1).JPG

Silver, stainless steel. Consisting of 87 pieces. Large spoons, knives and forks, starter knives and forks. Coffee and tea spoons. Serving fork. Small ladle. Large serving spoons. Handles at the bottom of the arch extended in a fan shape. Side edges bevelled. In the lower part, on the front, engraved braided monogram K. K.. Stainless steel knives marked - Rostfrei. Fineness Ag 800 / 1000. Total weight 4.151,89 grams. Net weight (excluding knife blades) of 2,947.63 grams. Marked with hallmark, silver mark - J. CH. . Czechoslovakia 1921 -1928.

  • Author: silversmith mark J. H.
  • Signed: hallmarked
  • Material: silver, steel
  • Description: Czechoslovakia 1921 - 1928
  • Price: 69.500 CZK
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