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Secretary in oak veneer - Biedermeier, Weimar, Germany

Sekretář v dubové dýze - Biedermeier, Výmar - Německo (1).JPG

Oak veneer, various types of colored veneers, brass, bone. Architecturally structured cornice with a front shield. At the top of the drawer. Middle hinged writing board. On the front with the relief lunette. Inside the board, black-stained. At the bottom three drawers above each other, pyramidally arranged. Brass oval fittings and locks, embossed in the shape of a flower (rosettes). Lower drawer without fittings. On the sides of the tilting board, two black-colored pillars. Lateral sides decorated with line inlay. Prismatic legs, doubled in front. Inside three small drawers, in the upper and middle parts. Middle three niches. Middle with full door and half-columns, hiding secret drawers. At the bottom of the long compartment. Biedermeier, Weimar, Germany 1810 - 1830. Height 167 cm, width 108 cm, depth 54 cm.

  • Measure: height 167 cm, width 108 cm, depth 54 cm
  • Material: oak veneer, different types of veneers, brass, bon
  • Description: Germany, Weimar, 1810 - 1830
  • Price: 48.500 CZK
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