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Round silver bowl, on the legs - Maison Cardeilhac

Kulatá stříbrná mísa na nožkách - Maison Cardeilhac (1).JPG

Polished massive silver, a fineness of 950 Ag / 1000. Net Weight 357.85 g. Bowl in the shape of a flower. Circular center bowl. Elevated arched edges. Profiled raised edge, arched. Decorated with a relief motif of a stylized twig with small leaves. There are three arched legs at the bottom. At the top of the head with an embossed motif ram (mascaron). The bottom is finished with stylized embossed hooves. Labeled hallmark (Minerva), name and brand jeweler - Cardeilhac. Maison Cardeilhac, Amélie Cardeilhac (1904-1920) - a distinguished manufacturer of luxury silver items in Paris. France 1904 - 1920. Height 4 cm, width 21,5 cm. Certificate of Assay Office.

  • Author: Maison Cardeilhac
  • Signed: hallmarked
  • Measure: height 4 cm, width 21,5 cm
  • Material: polished silver
  • Description: Paris 1904 - 1920
  • Price: 12.700 CZK
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