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Round gold brooch, sea pearls, clear stones

Kulatá zlatá brož, mořské perličky, čiré kamínky (1).JPG

Brooch, fineness Au 750/1000. Needle, fineness Au 670/1000. Total weight 5.45 grams. Brooch in the shape of a circle. Decorated, on the front, with three cultivated sea pearls. In the middle part, three protrusions protrude inwards from the circle - with inserted cut glass or synthetic stones. Arched handle with needle. Europe, the first half of the last century. Diameter 33 mm. Certificate of the Assay Office.

  • Author: Certificate of the Assay Office
  • Measure: diameter 33 mm
  • Material: gold, sea pearls, clear stones
  • Description: Europe , first half of the last century
  • Price: 9.400 CZK
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