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Rococo cavalier - Meissen

Rokokový kavalír - Míšeň (1).JPG

Nobleman figurine standing in a colorful rococo dress, a scarf around his neck, gilded applications. Holding in his right hand at his waist hat with vine leaves and grapes, on the left at the level of heads of vine leaves. Leaning on a tall mouldering tree stump. Plinth round higher around the perimeter with embossed gilt meander. From the bottom marked in blue underglaze Meissen since 1814 - 1925. Painted porcelain, white. Height 16.5 cm.

  • Measure: Height 16.5 cm
  • Material: porcelain
  • Description: 1814 - 1925
  • Price: 28.000 CZK
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