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Plate with painted roses, colorful flowers - Frantisek Mica, Klenci

Talíř s malovanými růžemi, barevnými květy - František Míča, Klenčí (1).JPG

Painted ceramics with white glaze. Deep plate decorated (on the front) - a painted wreath of roses on the upper edge, painted with brightly colored flowers with leaves (in the middle). Blue line on the edge. From below: black Mica brand, Klenci, hand painting. Frantisek Mica, Klenci, Czechoslovakia 1929 - 1948. Diameter 23.5 cm.

  • Author: Frantisek Mica, Klenci
  • Signed: marked from the bottom
  • Measure: diameter 23,5 cm
  • Material: painted and glazed porcelain
  • Description: Czechoslovakia 1929 - 1948
  • Price: 1.000 CZK
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