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Pruned gold medallion brooch with flowers and black enamel

Gold, enamel. Medallion, brooch, purity Au 670/1000, net weight 24.50 grams. Needle of purity Au 585/1000, net weight of 0.60 grams. Total weight 25.20 grams. Brooch of oval shape with bevelled edges. In the middle part a smooth frame. In the middle, a slightly arched part, with a central pre-cut motif of a large bloom with stem, leaves, small flowers. Decorated with black enamel. Brooch decorated with engraved ornamental decor. Rear horizontal engraved crossbar, needle holder and safety ring. Suspended upper handle with trimmed fine ornament on the front. In the lower part of the curtain, a historizing cut-out ornament of ravine, decorated with black enamel. Hinge removable. Southern Europe in 1840 - 1880. The certificate of the Assay Office. Height 8 cm, width 4.4 cm. Price 31.800 ,- CZK.

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