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Silver-plated fish cutlery, in a cassette - Christofle, Paris

For twelve people. Consisting of knives, forks and a large serving knife. Silvered base metal, fabric, leather, velvet, cardboard. Forks with four tips, at the bottom of the profiled shape. Handles narrow. The lower part is oval, slightly arched. Decorated with a soft embossed line. Flat-shaped knives, at the end of the widened, pointed. A round recess at the bottom. Big serving knife with a blade in the shape of a machete. Oval massive handle. Original cassette, with the name of the seller - Brüder Klein, Brünn. Inside, lined with white cloth, light brown velvet and leather. Marked by the manufacturer's name and his name - Christofle. Paris, Orpheres. France 1900 - 1920. Knife length 20 cm, fork length 17 cm, length 28 cm large knife. Price 4.900 ,- CZK.

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