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Luxurious chandelier made of gilded bronze, with cut pendants

Gilded bronze, clear cut glass. In a historic Empire style, salon. Top crown-shaped, made up of sheets with vertical glass tubes. Upper smaller circles, connected with vertical chains, with pendants, with bottom larger circles. The lower ring is decorated with a trimmed ornament of knitting. Both rings are decorated with a relief floral motif. Twelve lower horizontal shoulders. Decorated with flowers and pine cone. Six upper vertical shoulders, with rings. Shoulders with cut glass bowls. Finished with candles. The lower part is arched in the shape of a basket. Combined chains with large cut pendants, with a small lower ring. Decorated with vertical pendants. Europe 1870 - 1900. Electrified. Height 96 cm, width 84 cm. Price 59.000 ,- CZK

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