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Neo-renaissance writing desk with knights and haut-relief of the battle

Neorenesanční psací stůl s rytíři a basreliéfem bitvy (1).JPG

Dark-stained wood, deep carving (haut-relief, high relief), statuettes. The front side is decorated with cut knights in armor with a sword standing on the console. The central motif of a deep relief carving with the theme of battle burst, with knights in full armor on horseback. Fighting with a spear (lance). Scenes framed by a strip. Rectangular top plate, with sliding ledge. The sides of the statue of a mythical animal - a lioness with a human head, in armor. The longitudinal strip between the statues. Side panels uncut. Bottom flat wide frame, decorated with embossed carving of a pearl. On the front side with a pair of carved spears (lances). At the back, on the sides, the door. At the top three drawers next to each other. The original unrestored condition. Europe, neorenesance, 1870 - 1890. Height 82.5 cm, width 150 cm, depth 80 cm.

  • Measure: height 82,5 cm, width 150 cm, depth 80 cm
  • Material: dark-stained wood, carving, haut-relief
  • Description: Europe 1870 - 1890
  • Price: 55.000 CZK
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