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Mahagon box with medallion, for cigars - Empire

Mahagonová krabička s medailonem, na doutníky - empír (1).JPG

Mahagon wood, earthenware, iron, brass, fabric. Rectangular shape. Inside the horizontal, half-rounded cigarette storage compartment. The lower part of the lid is lined with a light blue cloth. Hinged lid on the hinges, brass lock with light steel plate of lock and key. On the front of the lid, in the middle, oval embossed medallion. With the central motif of the ancient scene, from the light green and white stoneware - Wedgwood. Medallion framed by steel rings and granulation. The edges of the lid and lock plate garnished with chopped metal grains - granulation. England 1790 - 1830. Bottom green broadcloth. Medallion damaged. Size 8 x 29 x 18 cm.

  • Author: Wedwood
  • Measure: height 8 cm, width 29 cm, depth 18 cm
  • Material: mahagon, earthenware, metal
  • Description: England 1790 - 1830
  • Price: 4.900 CZK
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