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Wooden rococo chandelier

Lustr dřevěný rokokový

Wood carving, gilt. Rococo shaped, ten candle branches. Richly carved ceiling rosette associated with straight vertical body chandelier formed rosettes, rings and a stylized stem. Rococo scrolled candle branches formed by successive rocaille work, the connection between the upper and lower rosette. Toward the space at the ends of the arms bifurcate and pointing upwards, ending with stylized cups shaped like flowers with candles. Lowerbody chandelier finished with flower pistil. Electrified. Central Europe from 1780 to 1850. Height 130 cm, width 100 cm.

  • Measure: ten candle branches, height 130 cm, width 100 cm
  • Material: wood, metal, glass
  • Description: 1780 - 1850
  • Price: 70.000 CZK
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