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Larger glass vase - Ikora, WMF

Větší skleněná váza - Ikora, WMF (1).JPG

Colorless, light green and brown glass. Thick wall base. Vase of spherical shape. Decorated with an annealed pattern, at the bottom of the brown with vertical rays pointing upwards. The top is decorated with a green décor. The whole surface decorated with white cobweb. Top round edge ground. IKORA, WMF (Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik). Germany 1930 - 1940. Height 33 cm, width 22 cm.

  • Author: WMF
  • Measure: height 33 cm, width 22 cm
  • Material: colorless, light green and brown glass
  • Description: Germany 1930 - 1940
  • Price: 4.000 Kč
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