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Larger ceramic jug, with the inscription - Reinhold Merkelbach

Větší keramický korbel, s nápisem - Reinhold Merkelbach (1).JPG

Glazed ceramics. Cylindrical in shape, with embossed rings and arched handle. Decorated with an old German renaissance cartouche ornament, in three fields. On the front, in a cartouche, an inscription in German - Fresh drink, a good word, always welcome everywhere. Marked from below: embossed triangle with the letters R. M., number 121.. Reinhold Merkelbach, Grenzhausen, Germany 1882 - 1933. Height 19 cm.

  • Author: Reinhold Merkelbach
  • Signed: marked from the bottom
  • Measure: height 19 cm
  • Material: glazed ceramic
  • Description: Germany 1882 - 1933
  • Price: 1.600 CZK
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