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Large writing desk and bookcase - Art Deco

Velký reprezentativní stůl a knihovna - Art deko (1).JPG

Walnut veneer, cloth, brass, glass.

Arched desk. Slightly pre-loaded, upper rectangular plate, lined in the middle with red cloth. The front is in the middle of the protruding sides, slightly sloping. Decorated with four half-columns and three rows of black-colored semi-circular stripes. In the middle with a relief cross. Back in the middle convex. At the top three drawers. Two half columns on the sides and the door below. Bottom, flat, vertical frame. Standing on round black colored legs (balls). Inside the shelf and pull-out drawers. Height 81 cm, width 202 cm, depth 93 cm.

Bookcase with five half columns and four glass doors. The door is decorated with black semicircular rails framed by a glass profile. In the middle of the ornament in the form of a cross. Low cornice. Flat lower frame with black round legs. Height 189 cm, width 216 cm, depth 49 cm.

The sides of the bookcase and the table are smooth, not decorated. Brass plates Lock fittings. Professionally restored. Czechoslovakia 1925 - 1935.



  • Author: art - deco
  • Measure: bookcase 189 x 216 x 49 cm, wrting desk 81 x 202 x
  • Material: walnut veneer, glass, cloth, brass
  • Description: Czechoslovakia 1925 - 1935
  • Price: 119.000 CZK
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