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Large vase, clear and green glass - Ladislav Palecek, Skrdlovice

Velká váza, čiré a zelené sklo - Ladislav Paleček (1).JPG

Colorless and green glass (oceanite), blown and molded. Vase of cylindrical, conical shape made of clear massive glass. At the bottom with layered stickers (shields). On one side made of green glass, on the other side of clear glass. Decorated with relief décor (depressions). Solid tapered base. Design Ladislav Palecek, Skrdlovice glassworks, year 1976? Czechoslovakia of the 1970s - last century. Height 37 cm.

  • Author: Ladislav Palecek
  • Measure: height 37 cm
  • Material: colorless and green blown glass
  • Description: Czechoslovakia 1976 - 1980
  • Price: 2.300 CZK
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