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Kidney-shaped table, veneer - Classicism

Stolek ledvinovitého tvaru, dýhovaný - Klasicismus (1).JPG

Plum veneer, intarsia. Classicist style. Upper recessed kidney-shaped plate, with vertical veneered edge. In the middle of the field, framed by light and regular black inlays. Inside stacked veneer in the shape of a fan. The middle part of the same shape. On the front, a longitudinal drawer, with a concave forehead. Intarded rectangles above the top end of the legs. Four pyramid legs. At the top with a small bar, ending with a graduated square foot. Europe 1780 - 1830. French polish. Height 75 cm, width 80 cm, depth 55 cm.

  • Measure: height 75 cm, width 80 cm, depth 55 cm
  • Material: plum veneer, inlay
  • Description: Europe 1780 - 1830
  • Price: 22.900 CZK
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