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Stoneware tankard - Wick Merkelbach, Grenzhausen

Kameninový korbel - Merkelbach&Wick , Grenzhausen

Korbel barrel shape of beige crackled glazed stoneware. Down with the indicated ring, tapered top. Tin hinged lid down flat, spherically domed top with engraved inscription W. Lang. On a round vertical tab tankard handle encompassed tin lids, finished on top with a handle shaped like a lotus flower Maskarons. Signed from the bottom-Merkelbach & Wick, Grenzhausen 1887 - 1921. Height 16 cm.

  • Measure: height 16 cm
  • Material: stoneware, pewter
  • Description: 1887 - 1921
  • Price: 1.800 CZK
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