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Jaroslav Horky - The War of Nakercaks with Dubenecaks

Jaroslav Horký - Válka Nakerčáků s Dubenečáky (1).JPG

Patinated terracotta, wood. Rectangular relief in purple and silver patina. Showing a battle between boys or young men. Low wooden black stained plate. Signed. Original paper label with description of the work on the back, dated 1971. Czechoslovakia 1971. Height 23,5 cm, width 56 cm.

  • Author: Jaroslav Horky
  • Signed: signed
  • Measure: height 23,5 cm, width 56 cm
  • Material: patinated terracotta, siver
  • Description: Czechoslovakia, year 1971
  • Price: 2.400 CZK
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