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Gold brooch with a green stone and Dubnica opal

Zlatá brož se zeleným kamínkem a dubnickým opálem (1).JPG

Gold brooch, fineness Au 585/1000. Gold needle, fineness Au 416/1000. Total weight 2.45 grams. Horizontal, lower, rectangular part of the brooch, with an arched handle and a needle. Decorated with fine engraving ( twigs ) . Central, relief part in Art Nouveau floral shape - with two larger vertical leaves, connected to each other at the bottom. In the middle, in the crown, set oval cut glass green stone. Engraved gold leaves under the stone. A small golden ball above the stone. At the top, in the crown, set Dubnica opal. Central Europe 1900 - 1920. Height 4 cm, width 2 cm. Certificate of the Assay Office.

  • Author: Certificate of the Assay Office
  • Measure: height 40 mm, width 20 mm
  • Material: gold, Dubnica opal, green glass
  • Description: Central Europe 1900 - 1920
  • Price: 4.800 CZK
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