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Glass massive ashtray, bowl, ruby center - Murano

Skleněný masivní popelník, miska s rubínovým středem - Murano (1).JPG

Thick-walled glass, square arched shape. Sommerso. Side glass with ice-glass surface. The upper side is smooth, with a cut edge and two narrow depressions for laying cigarettes. In the middle, a concave recess (bowl) underlay with yellow and ruby glass (Sommerso technique). Murano, Italy 1960 - 1970. Height 6.5 cm, width 16 cm.

  • Author: Murano
  • Measure: height 6,5 cm, width 16 cm
  • Material: colorless, ruby and yellow glass
  • Description: Italy 1960 - 1970
  • Price: 2.900 CZK
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