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Girl with dog in her arms - box

Dívka se psem v náručí - dóza (1).JPG

White porcelain, painted, glazed. Shaped standing girl in frilly skirt. The upper part - cover - removable, with the motif of a girl in a hat. Holding a dog in his arms. Rear vertical handle formed sash of a hat. The lower part, a container, shaped pleated skirts. Ribbon slightly damaged. Unmarked. Bohemia 1850 - 1870. Height 20,5 cm, width 15 cm.

  • Signed: unmarked
  • Measure: height 20,5 cm, width 15 cm
  • Material: white, painted, gilded and glazed porcelain
  • Description: Bohemia 1850 - 1870
  • Price: 2.800 CZK
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