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Gallant couple with a vase and roses

Galantní pár s vázou a růžemi (1).JPG

Painted and glazed ceramics. In a romantic, decorative, Art Nouveau style. In the foreground, standing a romantic couple, in rococo clothing. In the middle, a prismatic column with a vase. Vase decorated with embossed roses, with handles in the shape of a goat's head. Garlands of roses flowing smoothly along the side cylindrical columns. Oval graduated base. Marked from below - engraved 7249 M, embossed letter W.. Central Europe 1910 - 1930. Height 36 cm, width 26 cm.

  • Signed: marked from the bottom
  • Measure: height 36 cm, width 26 cm
  • Material: painted and glazed porcelain
  • Description: Central Europe 1910 - 1930
  • Price: 5.800 CZK
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