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Five silver dessert knives

Pět stříbrných dezertních nožíků (1).JPG

Silver, gilded steel. Handles silver, purity Ag 800 / 1000. Net weight 20 grams. At the lower end, it is enlarged. Decorated with a gentle embossed ornamental décor, at the bottom. Knives made of gilded metal. The total weight is 91.80 grams. Marked by fineness. Central Europe 1900 - 1920. Certificate of Assay Office. Length 16.5 cm.

  • Author: certificate of Assay Office
  • Measure: lenght 16,5 cm
  • Material: silver, gilded steel
  • Description: Central Europe 1900 - 1920
  • Price: 1.500 CZK
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