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Large figural table piece - France

Figurální velký nástolec - Francie (1).JPG

The lower part of the figure unglazed porcelain - biscuit, showing dancing girls at the pillar fountain in ancient robe, holding a naked little boys, one with a drum, with the second cup of wine and grapes. Plinth round graded stone with metal hoops. The upper part of the glass, two-tier with lower wider bowl straighter with beveled, lenses and contoured edge. The central part in the shape of a glass vase concealing the metal connecting parts. The upper bowl less the same ground blades, rounded shape. On top of attachment - vase with cut facets, lenses and contoured edge. Unsigned. France 1830 - 1880. Height 82 cm.

  • Measure: Height 82 cm
  • Material: porcelain, glass
  • Description: 1830 - 1880
  • Price: 17.900 CZK
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