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Cut carafe with golden line

Broušená karafa se zlatou linkou (1).JPG

Clear glass, cut, gilded. Pumpkin shaped. Massive bottom. Bottom-shaped flask, with vertical ribbing indicated. Decorated in the bottom of the gold line. At the top of the cut a narrow neck, with a ring. Decorated with vertical cut facets. The top edge is enlarged, decorated with a gold line. Removable ground stopper. Cone-shaped handle. Decorated with cut facets, top with gilded ornament. Europe, 1860 - 1890. Height 28.5 cm, width 13 cm.

  • Measure: height 28,5 cm, width 13 cm
  • Material: cut, clear and gilded glass
  • Description: Europe 1860 - 1890
  • Price: 2.900 CZK
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